bridal silk sarees

Ethnic wedding silk sarees elegant across the country

Saree and women identity India are typically overlapped. The coming summer is a wedding season and there is a great demand for Indian wedding sarees. Women choose to buy wedding sarees online for quite different reasons during the wedding season. It may be for enhancing the dazzling beauty of the bride or attend a wedding occasion of the near and dear ones. Not every wedding saree pick needs to be a silk. There are a huge collection of wedding sarees that are popular in different states of the country and known their unique craftsmanship. Gain knowledge on the type of sarees available in different states before making a choice.

Kanjivaram saree

Wedding saree and kanjivaram sarees are synonymous with each other. Bridal attire in south India cannot be thought beyond these elegant kanjivarm sarees. The sarees weaved in Tamil Nadu, the southern state of India are made of mulberry threads while zari designs depict Gujarati style. They can a right pick while buying for the bride or attending the wedding of near ones.

Mysore Silk Sarees

As the name goes, these are another good collection of the wedding sarees from Mysore, another city in the southern part of India. If you don’t want to gauge your looks in the heavy silk saree this wedding season, Mysore silk saree could be a perfect choice. These are sarees are weaved in unique techniques to ensure that they are available in smooth textures with golden zari designs while giving women option to choose from a wide range of colours.

Pochampally Sarees

Unique collections of the wedding sarees hail from the state of Telangana and are known for their innovative designs and trends. Co-operative societies take the responsibility of providing quality raw materials for weaving these sarees. You can purchase pochampally sarees weaved in the combination of cotton and silk fabrics that turn to be a perfect choice for a wedding.

Chanderi Sarees from Madhya Pradesh

The wedding sarees are called by the place they are weaved. The sarees have great demand in the fashion industry from a long time due to the fusion of three different fabrics in manufacture. They are a fusion of silk, chendaeri cotton and silk cotton. When you are attending the wedding ceremony as a formal guest, these sarees could turn out into the perfect choice.

Bandhani Sarees from Gujarat

These Bandini sarees are popular across the country due to their unique dying methods that depict different colours in the single drape. They are hand dyed using the unique technique, the fabric is tied at different regions to get different patterns throughout the saree. You can pick these sarees from any online store and could turn out to be perfect attire for parties in the wedding ceremony.

Banarasi Sarees from Varanasi

The article would be incomplete if I don’t talk about popular Banaras sarees. The rich silk wedding sarees were choice for the royal families in the ancient times and continue to be as they are weaved in real silk and golden threads to give that royal look in the wedding sarees.